1:1 VIP Packages

I’m so glad you’re reading this, because I know it will bring you relief. Relief to the daily stress or the huge stuff you’re facing that you just don’t know what to do with.

If you are feeling like you are being held hostage by your emotions, like you just can’t control them…
If you are constantly and consistently sabotaging yourself and stopping yourself living your best life as your best you…
If you have tried lots of different healing methods, medications or ways to feel better and still nothing seems to work…


Then I have just the very thing for you! Stick with me…
If you’re feeling stressed, upset, anxious etc, it’s more than likely because you are carrying around stuck negative memories, thoughts, beliefs and feelings about things. Things that either you just can’t shake or you haven’t even wanted to look at and handle because of the sheer magnitude of it all.

These things hang around and sap your physical and mental energy, leaving you feeling like you can’t move forward, right?

It could be a whole range of things… You may be at a crossroads in life, or be facing some big stuff, or even just suffering with consistent low grade stress in everyday life…

No matter what it is, please know that

N You can get clarity
N Clear out the negatives
N AND create the life you would absolutely LOVE to live and be the best version of you.

And the secret lies in your very own hands.

Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up with energy because you weren’t laid awake all night stressing about stuff?

Can you imagine how safe and relaxed you would feel if you knew how to tackle your anxiety when it came up and get rid of it quickly?

Can you just imagine how amazing and free you would feel to actually started to feel more positive and like you could handle what life was throwing at you?

Can you comprehend being able to let go of past hurt? To thwart the overwhelm? To gain massive clarity?



I’ve been working with Emma at Inner Smile Coaching since January of this year, and I can honestly say there is a marked difference in myself.

Emma has a real knack of being able to connect and truly understand others, I would say from a soul level. Her gentle approach and guidance has been invaluable for my personal evolution and understanding of myself. It really has been a gentle unfolding.

With the support of Emma I’ve learned some great tools to help me stop fooling myself with the old beliefs and habits that where truly holding me back.

I honestly believe that the coaching I’ve received from Emma has helped me become a better person

Nicholette, Nottinghamshire

So, Why Me?

If you haven’t already heard of it, Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an awesomely simple but radically effective, smile-inducing tool which works to decrease our stress response, flood our bodies with soothing serotonin and dissolve the emotional charge associated with negative memories, events, beliefs and trauma.

It works so well that, no matter where you are in your life and what you are carrying around today, it can help you put down that heavy load and move forward into your blissful future with your Inner Smile firmly intact.  It’s so simple you probably won’t even believe that it will work! I didn’t at first…

You see, I trained in Tapping several years ago when, after years upon years of verbal bullying, poor relationships and resulting self-esteem issues, I was looking for something that could help me feel better because I had had enough. I had had years of being rejected, let down and mistreated by those closest to me who I trusted, mostly just for being a sensitive soul and then I judged myself for feeling like a failure and not being able to cope with it!

What I didn’t know at the time was that I am an Empath with a very high level of intuition and the clairsentient and claircognizant abilities. I just thought, as everyone else did, that I was paranoid and “over-sensitive”. I didn’t realise I was sensing others’ energies and knowing, somehow, the truth of what they were feeling. They didn’t like being called out so they dismissed it as paranoia.

3 years ago however, I discovered the truth about myself and realised WHY I love to help people and why I was agony aunt to many.

“That’s great Emma, but what has that got to do with me?” I hear you ask!

Well, it means that I get you, and what you’re going through. I understand the pain, struggle and horrible stuckness you are feeling because you cannot break the shackles that are binding you.

I get why you struggle with personal relationships, or feel down or anxious frequently. And I TOTALLY get the self-judgement you may have about why you can’t just shake it off!

Emma is a wonderful friend and an amazing mentor. She helped me discover the issues behind my unhappiness and plan my future in order to get to where I want to be.

I enjoy working with her immensely and would highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to discover their true potential and find their inner strength and happiness.

Gemma, Staffordshire

Emma is not only a sweetheart, she is just amazing! When I’m having a crisis I can reach out. She offers one on one sessions and has the patience of a saint!! This past year of having her in my life has changed/broken so many energy patterns I don’t know how I got along before without her! A true genuine heart centered soul, this one is! Thank you for ALL you do Emma 💜 My world is richer because of your gifts!

Teresa Baines Knipple

Like you, it’s important to me that who I entrust with my emotional well-being is someone I can trust and connect with. I hope that, by now, you know that if you work with me, you will have someone who is on your side, who understands you at a deep, deep level. Someone who can see the pain or struggle you have and who can gently but firmly guide you through and out the other side.

To freedom, to inner peace, to happiness or to whatever else it is that you want to feel that lies waiting already on the other side of this emotional quagmire.

You don’t have to stay stuck…

You absolutely CAN move forward and go grab that life you want and best of all….

It doesn’t have to be painful! You have everything you need inside of you already, I will just help to bring it forward and together we will release you and set you free.

I have put together a VIP package of sessions for us to work together, over either 6 or 10 weeks, which is completely tailored to you and your needs.

Some things will dissolve quickly, and others may take a few sessions so this gives you enough room to really get deep into all the stuff you’re carrying around and get it all gone for good!

I will be committed to helping you, BUT you need to have a commitment to helping yourself along the way. Really use these tools and the information outside of our sessions.

N  We will speak once a week and work through whatever is coming up for you.
N  I will send you any bespoke scripts or videos you require to help you use the tool outside of our sessions.
N  You will also have email access should you require it.

It’s a way to get massive traction on areas that may be really, seriously holding you back. And it works.

Emma is a combination of skilled professional, brilliant intuitive and compassionate companion…. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I am seeing improvements in my commitment to myself and resolving my challenges with her guidance and techniques.

Christine Long

The investment in yourself for this is either £500.00 for 6 sessions, or £849 for 10 sessions, giving you a discount on my normal session rate of £100. You can also pay this over 10 months at £50.00 or £84.90 per month, to make it super accessible for you!

I know you’re worth it, and by the end of the first session together so will you! But for now, you just need to take the first step and come work with me. You won’t believe how simple and effective it is and I can’t wait to show you! 

Select your package from the options below. If you would like to talk to me first, please get in touch using the details over on the contact page.