› /07/14 › a-squirrel-has-tested-positive-for-the-bubo. On Monday, public health officials in Morrison, Colorado, announced that a squirrel had tested positive for the bubonic plague. Public health officials have announced that a squirrel in Colorado has tested positive for the bubonic plague. “Ground squirrels are associated with the spread of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, rat bite fever, tularemia, Chagas' disease, adiospiromycosis. A squirrel in El Paso County has tested positive for plague, which often appears in Colorado's wild rodents during the summer, the state. J -- After a squirrel tested positive for the bubonic plague in the town of Morrison in Colorado, health officials are warning that the disease. COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — A squirrel found in Colorado Springs earlier this month has tested positive for plague, the state health. The squirrel tested positive on July 11 in the town of Morrison, marking the first case of plague in the county this year, according to a news. The "Black Death" has returned to Colorado after an infected squirrel passed the bubonic plague onto a human in the state for the first time. Experts say that this isn't a new phenomenon, and the risk to humans is extremely low. A squirrel in Morrison, Colorado tested positive for.

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