I am Emma Johnson and I have worked as an energy therapist for several years. From being a Reiki practitioner to a fully qualified Master Practitioner of EFT, I have certainly mastered the art of using energy to help support people in their everyday lives.

Whether it is small issue or a deep set underlying problem, I will help you get to the bottom of it. I offer a safe, supportive environment in which to start to tackle these issues. As I am incredibly intuitive and caring, I will easily put you at ease as you start your journey into energy work.

Using either Skype, Facebook Video Messenger or other technology, or 1:1 in person sessions, I use my ability to read and sense energy changes, so I will see when you have released something and will expertly guide you forward into the next stage of healing.

I truly believe that learning EFT for self-help is a fantastic thing to do and working with a skilled practitioner will enable you to heal even further. Asking the right questions, sensing the right time to move forward and knowing when an issue, or aspect thereof, has been resolved are all things people can struggle to do alone.

Most importantly, you deserve to heal and it’s critical to work with someone to ensure this is done to root level so re-traumatisation doesn’t occur.


You deserve to feel better, you deserve to feel happy, you deserve that Inner Smile!

So, other than qualifications, what makes me the right person to be able to help you?

A lifetime of being held ransom by my emotions, being at the mercy of others’ opinions of me, being tortured by paranoid thoughts and low self-esteem….. and going through some major life changes in rapid succession left me teetering between depression, anxiety and helplessness. Not a great combo!

But then I found EFT. It has changed my life completely!

No more paranoia! I have healthy boundaries and absolutely NO guilt about them!

I feel completely and utterly free from what used to plague me, and if anything does come up these days, I dissolve it quickly and easily using the power of Tapping.

Please get in touch to find out whether we are a good fit to work together and how I can help –
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