I want to talk to you about PAIN, or even why our auto (or chronic) immune condition might be sticking around.


It’s a fairly well known fact that up to 85% of physical conditions or pain conditions have an emotional underlying part to them. So I’m going to explain a little bit about how that works with Emotional Freedom Technique and how you can help yourself to get out of pain today.


Now pain could be anything – toothache, migraines, back, stiff wrists, or anything that is either acute, or comes on suddenly, or you can even use it for a chronic condition. You might say you’ve just got a bad back – there’s nothing underlying. Read on!


I’m going to set you a really simple task:


Think back to when that pain started. What was going on in your life at that time? Was there an accident? A break up? Some kind of emotional trauma?


Trauma gets locked in ourselves and we carry it forward. If we don’t even realise that we’ve been traumatised it can get locked in to ourselves and we can then experience a lack of oxygen to our muscles which then causes the discomfort. It can show up anywhere in our bodies and we then carry it as pain or a physical issue.


So ask yourself that question – when did the pain start.  If you get an answer, and it starts worrying you, you can start tapping on the side of your hand.


“Even though I have this pain, and there might well be an emotion attached to it, I accept myself and I’m ok.

Even though I have this pain and I don’t really want to look at what it’s attached to, I’m going to accept myself anyway. 

Even though I have this pain and I’ve got an inkling it’s connected to something in the past, I’m going to choose to relax and let it come forward now and choose to feel safe”.


That’s just how you would set up and start tapping. If you’ve never tapped before then you can just carry on tapping around the points saying “this tight pain in my shoulder”. You can repeat that until the pain either goes away or gets down to a manageable level.


You can also use that to work on a physical discomfort or sensation in order to try and get rid of the emotional pain. That’s getting a bit more in to the different realms of tapping and how to do it but that’s what I wanted to put to you today – If you are struggling with chronic pain or a condition, even autoimmune, look at what was happening in your life at the time, or just before that it started, and that will probably give you some pointers.


Now obviously keep yourself emotionally safe when you do this. If there’s serious trauma involved, don’t go delving in until you’ve got some support, preferably from a practitioner who can help you to come out of the other side safely. I can be one of those if you wanted to work with me, but what I would say is that we have got a Pain Specialist coming in to the Vibrant Health Hub in February.  She’s called Louisa Hussey, and she struggled with debilitating pain. She saw every kind of practitioner or therapist she could and then she found EFT and it worked so well, she’s now qualified in it and is going to run a class with us in early February and then we’re going to tap on pain all month long, so if you have pain, tension, tightness or discomfort in your body (whether or not you think or believe it’s connected to some kind of emotional issue or past event), come and join us in the Vibrant Health Hub! It’s only £15 and I like to think of it as your emotional health service.