Did you know that Decluttering actually helps relieve stress?

I know right?! Too good to be true you’re thinking. Sure, it gives you a feeling of tidiness and accomplishment, but actually it goes much deeper than that.

If you have a household with lots of stuff, we all know that that normally means more cleaning and organising. So, the weight of that knowledge sits with you and can really get you down if you don’t keep on top of it. Decluttering therefore removes a proportion of the stuff in the living space, thereby lightening the mental load about keeping it tidy and clean and the dread that some people can feel when they think about having to clean the house.

Another little tip here is 15 mins a day cleaning can keep you massively more on top of things than a huge blitz once a week or once a month or even year! Once it becomes part of your routine, it just becomes natural and therefore “automatic” and we do it without thinking, like brushing our teeth. I don’t recall EVER getting stressed out about having to brush my teeth, AGAIN!


Decluttering can also help with depression.

Firstly because of any elevated Cortisol levels in your body but also because of the emotional meaning we can attach to having a clean and organised living space. Have you ever heard the phrase “tidy desk, tidy mind”? Similar with houses, our living space is reflective of our inward state, our emotional state. So if we are tidy in the home, often times our minds are freer from mental chatter than those whose homes are not quite so tidy. NO judgement here by the way, I was atrociously untidy and I live with a partner who has OCD around tidying up so I frequently get resistance about the tidying that I know is actually good for my mental health because I don’t like being told what to do! Talk about messed up!

But if we are judging ourselves harshly because our homes are less than immaculate it can lead to real depression due to a diminished sense of self-worth, or guilt and embarrassment about not being comfortable having friends over.


What I find the most useful about Decluttering though is the sheer mental space it provides me when it’s done.

Like when you clear your laptop out of programmes that it doesn’t need, it runs faster. Same thing with our brains. Remove the stuff that’s taking up some of the processing space, thoughts about piles or ironing or too many shoes and never knowing where anything is or what to wear…… we instantly free up more energy in our brains and become more resourceful more focused and have more creativity! What’s not to love there!?

What I LOVE the most about Decluttering, as I realised today doing this tapping video for you (you can catch it below) is that you get the chance to be grateful for all the joy the things gave you AND then feel joy at passing them on to someone else who may enjoy them just as much if not more! And if you’re really enterprising you can sell stuff and keep the flow of money coming into and out of your life, because it MUST be this way to keep a good flow coming in! Exciting huh?

I hope you try the tapping video if you have resistance, and I would love to hear what you think about Decluttering and any personal experiences! Hit me up on Social and let me know!

Much love

Emma Johnson MCMA