We often think nothing of creating ourselves practices to feel better, look after our health and thrive. Morning yoga for example, or how about our weekly salt bath or weekly work out sessions?

This is great here and there, but the real difference is made when you make it a practice.


Practice: noun; habit, rule, system, process….


I fully believe that making things a Practice is so much more beneficial than doing them here and there because we benefit from the Cumulative Effects of what we are doing.


A lot of what I mentioned above was physical, but what about your emotional health? Do you pay attention to it? Do you look after it? Do you have a Practice for ensuring you are thriving in this area? If not, then I have something for you.


The Personal Peace Procedure was created by Gary Craig, Founder of EFT, to help us look at the emotional distress from our past that still bothers us so we can dissolve it, remove it and therefore it no longer holds us back in life.


For example, if you spend huge amounts of time and energy coping with thoughts around a particular memory from years ago, or you feel guilt or shame around any aspect of your past, this could really benefit you!


Likewise, if you keep having the same kinds of relationship challenges again and again, or you feel like you are medicating with food, alcohol or other substances so you don’t have to face stuff, this could be for you.


You see, our brains form neural pathways which are hard wired by our actions and responses to external stimulus, and because 90% of our life is run on autopilot, we reinforce those neural pathways whether or not they serve us.


But like any circuit, these pathways can be broken, disrupted and changed for the better so we create new ways of thinking and acting, and reinforce those as they become our default way of being.


What I’m really talking about is making peace with the past and the Personal Peace Procedure is an exercise for using EFT to do just that. It is so effective it’s considered a foundational application of EFT, but that’s the nerd in me so let’s keep it simple!


By making a list of specific, troublesome or upsetting events from your life and applying EFT to each one in turn, you can systematically and permanently remove the negative “charge” (a clench, tightening, or nervous sicky feeling for example) that you get from these memories.


Why is this important? Well, our brains cannot distinguish between fiction and reality so when you think of upsetting things, your body has the same reaction now that it had then and goes into Flight, Fight or Freeze each and every time, thus flooding your body with unnecessary Cortisol and Adrenalin that you don’t metabolise by running away, fighting or anything else.


These excess substances in our system, and the chronic stress of negative thinking, create inflammation in our bodies, leach vital nutrients from our bones, organs and other systems and lead to degenerative diseases in the long run, IF we don’t start to tackle them.


So, you have a WONDERFUL CHANCE to HELP YOUR BODY THRIVE AND FEEL AMAZING, just by clearing the stress of your past so it no longer haunts you!


From Process to Practice

As I said at the start, I believe it’s important to go from Process to Practice with this because it has cumulative effects. Over time, as you systematically dissolve stressor after stressor, you will notice changes in your body, your mind, your health and your emotions.


  • You will react differently to things
  • You will smile more & feel happier
  • Your aches and pains may go away
  • You will feel more peaceful in yourself
  • You will feel more able to handle the things life throws at you because your energy isn’t directed at reliving things that troubled you in the past
  • You will be nicer to be around! Most probably anyway….


Sound too good to be true? I’ve created a Free Personal Peace Practice Guide to take you lovingly through the process so you can experience it for yourself, you can sign up HERE.

But the gist is this –


  • Grab a journal or notebook
  • Jot down all the events in your past that still bother you when you think of them today
  • Give each one a title and a brief outline of what happened, age, who you were with etc
  • Rate the intensity of emotion on each one, and then tap it away using the basic tapping protocol of tapping lightly on each tapping point below saying “this event / issue / awful thing” – Use your own words for this, it has to be authentic.
  • Stop when you cannot feel the charge anymore.
  • Move to the next thing!
  • Smile, because you have just changed your life forever!


I would love to hear what you think! Feel free to email me at emma@inner-smile.co.uk and let me know how you get on!


Much love

Emma Johnson MCMA



Don’t forget to download your own FREE Personal Peace Practice Guide!