EFT Practitioner Course

Certified EFT Practitioner Training

Would you love to learn how to work with people using Emotional Freedom Technique to help them feel better and make improvements in their lives in all areas?

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you already have some kind of holistic practice, this course has been designed for you to be able to qualify as an EFT Practitioner within 6 weeks!

Part independent self-learning, part experiential mentored learning with me in live weekly calls with feedback and support, this is a truly flexible course allowing you to fit around family, work and other commitments and combines the Introductory Level and Level 2 that other companies offer separately.

You will have access to a member’s area which holds all the training materials, access to a private Facebook group to share your experiences with other students and weekly LIVE trainings via Zoom so I can watch, guide and monitor you while you build and practice your new-found skills in a safe environment. You will also be requested to pair up and go live in the Facebook group and practice on each other with group interaction. I will attend each session and give feedback as appropriate – please note that everyone will have to be the Practitioner at least once in addition to the final assessment to ensure you have built up the skills and knowledge required.

Once you have done the 6 weeks and covered all the learning areas required, you will have a final assessment session with myself and a live practice client who you will treat as if you are already a Practitioner. This is not to catch you out, but to give you the feedback and guidance you need to hone your skills so you can go out there ready and able to work with people.
You also get a 30 minute follow up session with me afterwards to answer any specific issues, make you’re on the right track and discuss any business building questions you may have.

Emma is a natural teacher, she is so giving of her time and expertise and her enthusiasm for her craft is infectious. She has left me with a hunger to learn more about energy medicine.

Thank you Emma, it is wonderful to have this self help tool literally at my fingertips, and I am so looking forward to learning more with you.

Catherine Langley

Course Outline

The programme will be split over the 6 weeks and we will be covering the following:

WEEK 1 –  approx. 2 hours

  • How and why EFT has evolved
  • Variations and Developments
  • Interpretations & Explanations of why & how EFT works
  • How to use the complete technique (the “Basic Recipe”)
  • Short cuts to the full treatment routine

WEEK 2 – approx. 2 hours

  • Psychological Reversal and how to work with it
  • The Personal Peace Procedure
  • Learn how to release negative charge from traumatic memories
  • Watch and tap along to a live demo
  • Practise the technique with other participants

WEEK 3 – approx. 3 hours

  • Using EFT skilfully
    Getting your client to the start line
    Clarifying the problem to be treated
    Ensuring the client is congruent with the process
    Key points to remember
  • The significance of language
    What to say when tapping and why
    What not to say when tapping
    How to use gentle suggestion
  • Getting in tune with the client
    Increasing practitioner awareness
    The best questions to ask the client
    Demonstrating that you understand the problem

WEEK 4 – approx. 3 hours

  • Handling difficulties
    Why EFT might not work and what to do about it
  • Testing as proof
    Handling intense emotional reactions (abreactions)
    Clients who may seem to lack motivation
  • Working with emotions
    How to address anxiety, panic attacks and phobias
    Resolving anger, shame, guilt and confidence problems
    Helping with grief, sadness and loss
    Aspects of a Problem
  • Working with beliefs
    Identifying limiting beliefs and negative self-worth
    Understanding the relationship with beliefs and feelings
  • Examples of Self-Limiting Beliefs
    Converting negative beliefs to positive ones

WEEK 5 – approx. 3 hours

  • Working with physical problems
    How to use EFT for pain and healing
    How to use EFT for allergies and migraines
    How to use EFT for travel and sea sickness
  • Working with food, alcohol and addictions
    Clearing urges, cravings and habits
    New Behaviour Generator
    Addressing self-sabotage
    Teaching EFT to individuals for self help
  • Children and teenagers
    The role of parents
    How to present EFT to children
    Working with bullying problems, exam stress and anxieties

WEEK 6 – approx. 3 hours including your assessment (to be booked separately)

  • EFT & Performance
    Maximising sports performance
    Resolving stage fright and concert nerves
    Business presentations and public speaking
  • Your EFT Practice
    Structuring the session(s) and time
    Attracting clients
    Running introductory workshops
  • Your 1:1 Assessment
    Working with a live “client”
    Resolving real issues
    Getting feedback
    Plan to move forward


The investment is £500 you can pay in full or in instalments 

1 payment of £500, 2 payments of £250 or 5 payments of £100 (with this payment option you will not be certified until the final payment is complete so please bear this in mind)

I can’t wait to help you to help others!

Please contact me for any questions