You haven’t heard from me for a while –  I’ve been getting my all my stuff together and planning for  2020!

I’ve got a whole heap of stuff that I think is going to be really useful for you this year and I want to start by talking a little about energetic goal-setting.

Now before you think “oh god not goal-setting, it’s everywhere!” I want to talk to you about another way to do it because there’s so much social media noise around goal setting, how important it is, it’s January blah blah blah…. I want to dispel a couple of myths here!

Goal-setting is all very well and good but I find it a bit clinical. It’s great for practical stuff. It’s great if you just want to get something done.

But what about if you want to actually manifest your heart’s desire?! “Goal Setting” just feels a little bit clinical.

So I want to talk to you about energetic goal-setting because this is the way that I’ve learned!

It’s not my method, but I utilise it on a regular basis to actually make things I want to come true. Energetic Goal Setting has a different feel for me as opposed to just getting stuff done just ticking off a list which, don’t get me wrong sometimes we need to do, but for the bigger stuff – the stuff that’s really critical to you I’m going to suggest that this is a better way to do it and here’s why….

Traditional goal-setting talks about specific, usually SMART goals (specific measurable achievable and all of that good stuff) and is time led.

Now in energetic goal-setting we add emotion and we add inspiration in there. When I trained as a coach back about 12 years ago, they taught me about SMERTIE goals – Specific, Measurable, Evidential, Resistance (which I changed to Timed because obviously, you need to know when you want to get it done by because that then activates the particular activating system in the brain), Inspirational and Emotional. The simple fact is that if we don’t add some emotion to a goal we won’t be able to feel the feelings that we want that goal to give us.  So nobody buys, anything nobody gets anything, nobody really does anything (okay so there’s going to be caveats to everything everybody says, but nobody really does anything for no reason!).

So there’s a feeling that you want. For example:

You buy a new car. You don’t buy the brand necessarily because of its specification, you buy the car because of the feeling that you want to get by owning it and driving it. You might want the feeling of having saved some money and getting a really good solid little car. If you buy a Range Rover, for example, you might want the feeling of safety and you might want the feeling of “it shows to the outside world that I work hard and I earn good money – and there’s no judgement there!

We all do things for a feeling. It’s the feeling that we’re looking for.

So I’m going to put this to you: have a think about what it is that you want to bring into being and think about the feeling that is behind that.

So what is it that you’re looking to achieve in 2020? Or in January? Or in the first quarter? Or in the next week?  What is the feeling that you want to achieve from that, because I’m willing to bet that you have the opposite going on in your life somewhere!

I’ll give you an example:

One of the things that I want to bring into being this year is financial freedom. I want to be able to leave my full-time job and do EFT and Energy work and Purpose work full-time and the reason I want to do that is for freedom. I want to feel free. I want to feel like I’m working towards my goals, towards things that matter to me – not working for somebody else’s goals – I’ve done that for long enough. So the opposite of freedom to me (and you want to do this when you do an energetic goal-setting – find the opposite feeling) is restriction. And if I look at my life there are several areas where I feel restricted today, the job being one of them – I’m not shy with how I feel about this.

Although you have realised that you want something, you normally have the opposite going on. So look at what you want to get out of your goal – what feeling do you want? Look at where you’re experiencing the energetic opposite today. Then just look at one or two ways that you can move from the energetic opposite towards the feeling that you want taking small, energetically aligned, actions towards getting what it is that you want.

It doesn’t always have to be goal oriented but in order to get to this goal, not all of your actions have to be definitive actions towards that goal.

What I’m talking about is small, energetically aligned, actions which remove the energetic opposite. So, if you’ve got five pillars of restriction going on, and you remove three of those five pillars of restriction (or sources of restriction) you’ve got a lot less restriction in your life, allowing you to have more freedom!  Nature abhors a vacuum so when you get rid of one thing it will needs to be replaced with another – and that’s the way energetic goal-setting works!!!

SO – if you do want some help with your goals for 2020, don’t just do those SMART goals! Put some emotion into it!

If you want more of this, I would love for you to join us in the Vibrant Health Hub. The group is fantastic and the sessions are done live in Zoom so we can all see and support each other  Come in to the group and let me help you, I’ve got a track record of manifesting what my heart desires and I want to help you do that too!