It’s my pleasure to talk to you again about, this time, my journey with EFT and hopefully there’s going to be some little pointers in here to help you decide whether emotional freedom technique is right for you and whether you think that it could help you in your life.

EFT came as a complete and utter gift to me because, most of my life since I was about 14 years old, I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, paranoia, feelings of separateness, feeling lonely, feeling on the side-lines etc. At the time, it was put down to hormonal teenager feelings but as you get into your adult life and you carry it forward, you can easily start thinking “there’s something not right here”.

Throughout the course of time I tried counselling, antidepressants and all sorts of other things, as a lot of us have done I’m sure, but the trouble with all of that is these things work on separate elements of it. Until I discovered EFT, I hadn’t actually found that thing that could help me work at a vibrational level which means that you can completely clear it from your energy system, energy field, aura, or whatever you want to call it.

This field of energy that we emit from our hearts and our brains and is all around us can experience disturbances, stuck energy and so on. This disturbance then works its way backwards and can create illness at the physical level, be that physical or mental illness. I hadn’t found anything that could fundamentally help me and then I came across Nick and Jess Ortner from The Tapping Solution.

In 2015, I bought a copy of The Tapping World Summit and I absolutely loved it, then I bought their financial abundance course, it was a 7-week course, and it just blew me away. From that point onwards, I started researching more and more into EFT and I found a practitioner who could train me. Initially, I trained to Master Practitioner Level with the AMT as they were then called, now called The Guild of Energists. The AMT was the first EFT association out there to provide training an accreditation in Emotional Freedom Technique and soon after came AAMET, now called EFT International or EFTi.

The EFT taught by the AMT was more focused on the energetic side of things, some considered it woo-woo. After a year or so, I trained again, with the same wonderful trainer but under his banner which followed the curriculum of AAMET, the organisation for the more clinical side of the training. During both training sessions, I had many wonderful experiences and 2 or 3 “Holy Shit Moments”.


Ever had a moment where you just know, beyond a shadow of doubt, that this is what you came here to do? I did. And I was hooked.


A year later I completed the Train the Trainer certificate so that I could teach this wonderful modality to others and so my adventures continued.

Today, I have my own EFT Training School that is approved and accredited by the Complementary Medical Association. And it’s all thanks to the self-help courses I completed with The Tapping Solution, because I realised, I felt so much better after having tried everything and nothing worked. I felt relief, relief that I had never ever felt before with anything and I knew that I was on to something I kept having those moments of relief and realisation that this actually worked.

When you start to study EFT more deeply, you’ll come across what’s called the Personal Peace Procedure, which I will go into more next week, but it’s about identifying all the things in your past that have upset you in some way, however you shallow or deeply, and systematically clearing them out with emotional freedom technique.

I quickly started my personal peace procedure and the changes that happened within me in the course of two years…. Well, I can’t even put it into words it’s phenomenal. I’m a completely different person, while still being the same.


What I mean by that is that all of the challenging stuff got transmuted into strengths, into talents, into skills.


The very things that troubled me for so long changed and turned into things that I now believe to be my superpowers! I discovered that I’m an empath – I didn’t know what empaths were a few years ago. Now I know that my “paranoia” was not paranoia it was my spidey-senses and that I was bang on the money the whole time with what I suspected was happening, but that’s another conversation for a few weeks’ time.

I wanted to say this to you today because if you have looked at emotional freedom technique and either you’ve dipped your toe in, or you were put off by the fact that it looks a bit weird because we are tapping on our head and our face please don’t be. What’s happening when we do that is that we are tapping on the end points of meridians, energy channels that run through our bodies (these channels have been photographed, so they are definitely real!). This sends a signal through these channels unblocking them of negative “static” that may be left there from past events.

This action also sends an electromagnetic signal across the skin to the amygdala, which lives deep inside the brain and is our threat centre, kicks in every time we get scared / worried / mildly anxious or even annoyed. It then sends cortisol and adrenaline to our extremities so that we can either run away from the issue, turn and fight or freeze like we would when a bear is attacking us (because apparently that’s the best thing to do with the bear is going to attack, who knew!).


It’s important to tell you this because I want you to understand that EFT is real.


I want you to understand that this is not a placebo and I want you to understand that this can change your life, just like it did mine. In the moment, EFT works by calming the amygdala in the stress response. It also works by sending out dopamine and serotonin to tell your body that you’re safe to switch off that fight-or-flight and helps you metabolize the cortisol and adrenaline that has been released as part of that event.

BUT it also has some really awesome other effects, one of which is that it dissolves the neural pathway between a disturbing or upsetting memory and how it makes you feel in the body. Just think about that for a second…. you’ve got this thing that went on years ago, no matter what it was, and every now and again or even regularly it comes up in your thoughts. Maybe you talk to people about it regularly and therefore you re-live the story over and over again. The thing to remember here is that our brains don’t know that the difference between fiction and reality so every time we re-experience that story, we are switching on the fight or flight and we are reinforcing and deepening that groove in the brain that says “this is how I react when I think about this thing”.

EFT will dissolve that neural pathway between the flash of the visual of the memory and the way that it makes us respond in our bodies…. the clench, the sweating, the tension, the nervousness, the anxiety…… and then all the resulting behaviours change because you are no longer triggered.


Can you imagine what that would do for you if you could take this process in hand and work with it?


Next week I’m going to be giving you a link to a new freebie that I’m creating called the Personal Peace Practice. Rather than just giving you a procedure, I’ve turned it into a practice you can follow it daily and make it part of your morning or evening routine. It has become just as important to me as yoga, meditation, mindfulness, stillness, brushing my teeth. I am going to welcome you to sign up for that next week but for now I just want you to hop on over to my Facebook page where you can join my FREE group there called the Emotional Freedom Lounge, and in there we are working on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We do a little bit of tapping in there too and I would love you to come and join us.

If you love the idea of Tapping and you are considering learning to be a Practitioner, my next training intake starts on 5th February 2020. Running for 6 weeks we go live every Wednesday in Zoom where I teach you how to be an EFT Practitioner and help others with their struggles in life. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done, and I can’t wait to help you learn too.

Here’s a link to read more about it –

Emma Johnson MCMA