Why Snow Days Rock!

I know, I know – you’re at home, you need to get stuff done, the kids are driving you potty and your partner even more so…. Maybe 🙂 BUT I reckon there’s another way to look at Snow Days or days when we are otherwise disturbed from our normal routine!

The Danish have a concept called Hygge which is a word they use to acknowledge a particular moment or series of moments as charming, cosy or special in some way.

The associated images that come to mind, and that are integral to inducing this feeling (because that’s what it is) are;

Open Fires
Hot Chocolate
Reading a book
Warm blankets or throwovers
Fluffy socks
Resting and relaxing
Spending time with loved ones and/or friends talking, connecting and laughing
Chatting around the dinner table with a lovely glass of wine

I could go on, there are tons more things but the point is this – it’s about choosing to consciously appreciate that moment, to be present fully and to connect openly, with who or whatever you are enjoying.

What could that look like to you on this chilly snow day lots of us are having in the UK?

Unplugging /relaxing / having a nana nap
Reconnecting with yourself or loved ones because you’ve been really busy lately
Taking full advantage of this magic admin / chore time you never normally have in the week because it’s just.too.busy
Breaking the rules and having a bath in the day (careful with this one, warm bathroom required, speaking from experience 🙂 )
Listening to music you haven’t listened to in AGES
Grab a fluffy blanket and veg out on the couch to watch a movie, in the daytime! You daredevil you!
Work on your business
Turn it into a mental spa day, again taking advantage of the pocket of time we don’t normally have and do something you never seem to get or make time to do like journaling, meditating, calling a friend
Start your Personal Peace Procedure: take a journal or notebook and write down a little bit about anything that’s ever upset you. Just a few lines will do per event. Then work through and tap on each of them to dissolve the negative charge associated with the memories! If you don’t know how to tap yet, you can access my free guide, 7 Steps to Calm
Treat yourself, break the rules AND turn it into a mental Spa Day by signing up to my fabulous course, YOU-101, where you will learn all about tapping and how to apply it in all the key areas of your life so you have the Hygge feeling all the time! Or at least a lot more of the time 🙂

Whatever you are doing today, enjoy it, be present and choose to consciously appreciate all that you can.

Until next time, keep smiling