Experiences of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) / Tapping

I can tell you all about the benefits and amazing things you can do with EFT / Tapping BUT why listen to just me, when you can read what others have said after working with me… If after reading these testimonials you are ready to work with me or if you have any questions please get in touch.

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Hi Emma. I just wanted to thank you personally for your daily tap. Every time over the last few months when I really needed guidance I would see your daily tap! Your card readings resonate with me so much it’s amazing what a difference you can make to my day.

Until now, with the new moon, I have been stuck, not knowing where my life was going. Tapping has enabled to release fears and blocks that have been fogging my mind for a long time.

This week was a complete break through! I made a business plan which is now moving forward with another local business! I’m so excited and love my life again!

Thank you Emma for helping to make my dreams come true! Don’t ever give up, there are people quietly watching you and gaining hope and inspiration. I love what you do. 💖

Jenni S

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I have to say Emma is absolutely fantastic she has helped my daughter who was suffering terribly with anxiousness and panic attack. Emma has given her brilliant advice on tapping and is and was just there for her.

I cannot stress enough on just how grateful we as a family are. Thank you hardly feels enough to say but that’s what we are saying a very big thank you. Xx

Jackie Schofield 

The handouts – keeps me on track when I’m in the throws of my emotions.

I’m so glad I took the chance to join the 101…best self care decision I’ve ever made. 🙂 🤗 😚 🙏

Trish Vitaliano-Koch

This course has been amazing. I was able to get to the bottom of my emotions and beliefs that have been blocked for me for a long time.

Learning about surrogate tapping is wonderful. May have saved my relationships. Thank you,thank you, thank you!

Tasha Marlow

I am so glad I did the You-101 tapping course, it has given me the confidence to tap on everything and anything, without a script, and to be able to deal with whatever comes up.

The course is designed so that you can go through it in your own time and go back over anything that needs deeper work. It was great to interact with course mates in the live sessions and feel the synergy that developed between us.

It has really been good for me both emotionally and physically, shifting blocks within my mind and body.

Emma is a natural teacher, she is so giving of her time and expertise and her enthusiasm for her craft is infectious. She has left me with a hunger to learn more about energy medicine.

Thank you Emma, it is wonderful to have this self help tool literally at my fingertips, and I am so looking forward to learning more with you.

Catherine Langley

Inner Smile School 101

I first met our Emma when she was a monthly guest in another group that I am in. When I saw Emma’s first live on what she specialises in I really was not that interested but when Emma came on again I thought I will watch and try EFT/Tapping,I am so glad I did, I was totally hooked. I couldn’t wait for Emma’s lives, and to learn more and more.

Emma has the most amazingly, warm energy, is always available to answer your questions no matter how silly they are.

I highly recommend working with Emma to assist you in your journey of self love,care and healing.

I urge you to work with this beautiful soul in 101 you will definitely rid yourself of blocks that are holding you back for a life you deserve.Adore this beautiful girl 💖💖💖

Vicki Nelson

Emma is a combination of skilled professional, brilliant intuitive and compassionate companion…. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I am seeing improvements in my commitment to myself and resolving my challenges with her guidance and techniques.

Christine Long 

I have learnt so much from Inner Smile and use EFT daily. I love the daily tap, it makes me feel ready for my day. I feel calmer, more focused and helps me to release negative energy. A great way to have a daily affirmation. It has help me to conquer and really work on many things like negative thought patterns and self sabotage. A great teacher

Donna OReilly 

Hii Emma 😊 and all the beautiful people of #Inner_Smile I would love to just simply say this woman “Emma” is Beautiful 💙💙💙 I am blessed to have crossed paths with her & I feel a very a strong flame flickering from withing her beautiful soul being.

I’m excited for the Super Moon just as everyone is, I can’t wait to see what Spells are casted upon the coming 🌒 well, I don’t want to brag on and on lol so I’m sure you all know the knows 😂 I’m in love with the magick this woman is spreading.

#MagicalMessages #SpiritualEvolvement #OracleCards #Tapping #PositiveVibes #LoveAndLight #Advice #Bewitched

🕉️🕉️ Namaste 🕉️🕉️

Irie Wilson Laukau 

Emma is a hugely compassionate teacher/healer that makes us feel so comfortable as we explore some things that could be uncomfortable. Amazing, dig deep classes!!

Nancy Melton-Morales

I’ve recently discovered your page through a friend that has done an online EFT course with you. Doing the daily tap really helps to energise me and sets me up to feel positive for the day ahead. Thank you!

Abi Wylie

I absolutely love your dedication to show other people that there are other ways of healing. Always enjoy your Card of the Day whenever I catch it. <3

Turmalin Spirit

Emma is not only a sweetheart, she is just amazing! When I’m having a crisis I can reach out. She offers one on one sessions and has the patience of a saint!! This past year of having her in my life has changed/broken so many energy patterns I don’t know how I got along before without her! A true genuine heart centered soul, this one is! Thank you for ALL you do Emma � My world is richer because of your gifts!

Teresa Baines Knipple

I’ve been working with Emma at Inner Smile Coaching since January of this year, and I can honestly say there is a marked difference in myself.

Emma has a real knack of being able to connect and truly understand others, I would say from a soul level. Her gentle approach and guidance has been invaluable for my personal evolution and understanding of myself. It really has been a gentle unfolding.

With the support of Emma I’ve learned some great tools to help me stop fooling myself with the old beliefs and habits that where truly holding me back.

I honestly believe that the coaching I’ve received from Emma has helped me become a better person

Nicholette, Nottinghamshire

Emma is a wonderful friend and an amazing mentor. She helped me discover the issues behind my unhappiness and plan my future in order to get to where I want to be.

I enjoy working with her immensely and would highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to discover their true potential and find their inner strength and happiness.

Gemma, Staffordshire

Absolutely amazing. A1 Professional lovely helpful with results.

Tina McKay, Cheshire

Emma is a beautiful person and a fantastic gifted therapist for any problem or difficult emotions you are facing. I know I will not look back,and am so optimistic about my future now.

Forever grateful

Louise, Staffordshire

Absolutely wonderful, the results are so gentle but really effective.

I really enjoyed it and it felt like a meditation, so light and calm afterwards. Emma is so lovely and friendly so even if your new to this as I was, don’t be nervous.

The pain in my side really lifted, afterwards the results felt similar to after I had acupuncture. Relaxed muscles and inner calm.

Heidi, Hinkley

I’m doing tapping up to 8 times a day 3/4 rounds. I love how it makes me feel more relaxed…I think I was ready to face it all and let it go, I can’t thank you enough

Paula, Nottinghamshire

My life has been extremely stressful over the past few years and although I have been doing things to help me like meditating, and connecting with like minded people for support I was still having difficulty at times dealing with the ongoing stress in my life. I met Emma in my support group when she came to demonstrate EFT.

I had never heard of it before, but quickly learned that it was having a profound effect on me. I was finally able to release the pain of past emotional wounds. When she started her class I couldn’t wait to learn more.I now know how to use EFT as a wonderful tool to bring calm and emotional healing to myself and to use it to deal with every day stress. Thank you Emma! I look forward to going even deeper.


I was introduced to EFT/tapping and Emma Johnson through another wonderful class that I am part of. I was searching for a way to put into action the famous saying “Just let it go and move on”. I was stuck…didn’t know how to do the very thing I longed for. Emma has a very genuine, light hearted way of introducing the lessons.


Any local friends especially stressed out midwives.. Emma Johnson is an amazing and skilled EFT practicing therapist who can help you with all your emotional problems, fears and life long issues!! Life changing

Louise, Staffordshire

I have to say that I tried tapping once before some time ago and really did not get on with it at all, so was sceptical about it working for me when I did it with Emma. However, I was proved VERY wrong!

Emma is amazing and has such a comforting and calming way about her and tapping with her is a really deep experience, as I discovered! After the session, I was completely amazed at just how much the difficult emotions had calmed down within me which brought with it a much needed deep inner peace.

Thank you Emma for your healing and proving me wrong about the effectiveness of tapping.

Justine, Chichester

I had met Emma Johnson through another group and was instantly drawn to her warmth, integrity, passion for energy work and tapping and just being so down to earth. The course -You 101 was truly awesome.

The way in which Emma delivers the course makes it accessible to everyone whether you are a complete beginner to tapping or like me had tried it and wanted to experience more. The weekly handouts make you do a little bit of work every week which for me provided real focus and structure. The content is just brilliant and really allows you to dig deeper on thoughts , values and beliefs.

Having access to Emma and her expertise is invaluable as you really feel it is almost like having her all to yourself but you have the added benefit of group support and group energy. You never feel alone and Emma really guides you at your pace. The weekly lives are fab and allow you to experience this wonderful energy work and reap loads of benefits.

I have gained so much from the course. Not only have I become more experienced in tapping but I have worked on quite a few limiting beliefs I had. My mantra now is “rise within your power” and achieve all that you possibly can. It really is life changing as long as you embrace change, are willing to look deep inside yourself and with Emma’s love, support and guidance “scratch the scab”off and embrace your own superhero.

I would absolutely recommend the course 100% without any hesitation 💜

Mandy Middleton, Oxford