So, what IS Energy?

Probably not what you think it is. We all know about the Energy we get from food in calories and Kilojoules. We all see the Energy that switches on the light when we get home, even though we can’t physically see it. We’ve all heard a screaming crowd at a concert and felt the energy from it.

But there is something a lot more subtle and a lot more central to life itself that is Energy and that most of us know very little about. The human body has been dissected, inspected and documented over the decades and we have noted several different kinds of energy.

In the body, there is thermal energy which helps us to maintain a constant body temperature. Mechanical energy helps us to move around and electrical energy sends nerve impulses and signals to and from our brains to make us do stuff. Energy is also stored in foods and in the body as chemical energy. Energy is contained within every cell of every human or animal. And even in the smallest of cells, in the space between the nucleus and the cell wall where it looks like there is nothing at all…… there is energy.

We are only just beginning to discover the magic of what actually drives us, what holds us, what propels us forward, what connects us to others and to the environment around us. What makes us know when someone is going to call us, what someone else is going to say, that someone else is in a bad mood even when they say (and look like) they are fine.

There is a deep, magical energy that runs through all matter and is the essence of our very beings, connecting everything and making everything make sense. Call it Chi, Qi, Prana or whatever else you see fit. There is a life force energy that flows through the world, connecting everyone and everything at all times. We are energetic beings, in a human body.

That knowing you get that something has changed, that memory you have of things before your time or when you were very young, that familiarity between you and someone else you barely know. These and many other things are our evidence that life force is real. But if you’re reading this, it’s like that you already KNOW that it’s real. You know that your heart energy precedes you out in the real world and can effect the energy in a room. You know that you can’t hide how you really feel from someone who is tuned into you. You know that sometimes you have an inner knowing about someone like you have known them many lifetimes and that you are bound to meet.

Energy is us, we are energy. We are all just vibrating at a different resonance to other things around us. The chair we sit on, the computer we are using, the water in the tap. What makes us different is this innate connection to all that is, and science will eventually catch up and be able to explain exactly WHAT it is and HOW it works. Our only job for now is to believe and allow it to flow. Trust that what you are feeling, and knowing, is real because it is. Some things you don’t have to see to believe.

“Without the heart, there can be no understanding between the hand and the mind” – Anon.