YOU - 101


Your Tapping Journey Begins Here

Are you feeling stuck? Sick and tired of being held hostage by your emotions and held back by your own limiting beliefs and self sabotage?

Do you wish you weren’t so “emotional” or “sensitive”? Does it often play havoc with relationships, money or jobs? Have you had enough of feeling out of control and just want to feel calm, relaxed and chilled out?

You’ve come to the right place!

Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is a fantastic tool you can use to deal with so many things in life; emotions, physical pain, limiting beliefs, self sabotage, money, addictions….. and good stuff like peak performance and confidence too.

It’s so good, in fact, that I just had to put a course together to show you how to use it to a basic level to cover 4 main areas that impact us hugely.

I am so glad I did the You-101 tapping course, it has given me the confidence to tap on everything and anything, without a script, and to be able to deal with whatever comes up.

The course is designed so that you can go through it in your own time and go back over anything that needs deeper work. It was great to interact with course mates in the live sessions and feel the synergy that developed between us.

It has really been good for me both emotionally and physically, shifting blocks within my mind and body.

Emma is a natural teacher, she is so giving of her time and expertise and her enthusiasm for her craft is infectious. She has left me with a hunger to learn more about energy medicine.

Thank you Emma, it is wonderful to have this self help tool literally at my fingertips, and I am so looking forward to learning more with you.

Catherine Langley

So What is You-101?

A 6 week course for beginners, teaching you the basics of Tapping (EFT) and how to use it to deal with unpleasant emotions, limiting beliefs, your physical body/pain and your relationship with money.

N Weekly modules with workbooks, handouts and videos take you through each topic
N A safe environment in the form of a private Facebook Group
N A live “Tapalong” with me on each topic every week

Live Tapalong Sessions

The great thing about this is that when we do the live Tapalong sessions, you are completely safe to share your experiences and ask questions to other group members and build your confidence. At the end of each week there is also a live Q&A session in the Facebook group, where you get the chance to ask me any questions you have about that week’s topic or tapping to help you confirm what you’ve learned.

Best of all, you have LIFE TIME ACCESS to the group so you can carry on at your own pace AND resit the course and partake in the lives whenever it runs again, so you keep learning and growing your skills for as long a you wish or feel is necessary.

So let me ask you this:

Can you imagine being able to make yourself calm in a matter of minutes? To chill on demand, no matter what’s going on around you?

How amazing would it be to be able to finally deal with those pesky thoughts you have that keep coming up, that bring you down and make you self sabotage despite all your best efforts?

What about that nagging back pain you can’t get rid of, or those headaches? 80% of pain or conditions have an emotional element which Tapping can help get rid of, and it soothes pain too.

And finally, money! Some would call it the root of all evil…… in reality it’s just energy like everything else and you can change your relationship to it and vibration around it in a matter of minutes. I am going to show you how. Once you relax around money, you open up the flow so that more can come to you. It really is like magic.


Are You Ready to Make Some Magic Happen?

Sound too good to be true? I promise you it’s not.

The course -You 101 was truly awesome.

The way in which Emma delivers the course makes it accessible to everyone whether you are a complete beginner to tapping or like me had tried it and wanted to experience more. The weekly handouts make you do a little bit of work every week which for me provided real focus and structure. The content is just brilliant and really allows you to dig deeper on thoughts , values and beliefs.

Having access to Emma and her expertise is invaluable as you really feel it is almost like having her all to yourself but you have the added benefit of group support and group energy. You never feel alone and Emma really guides you at your pace. The weekly lives are fab and allow you to experience this wonderful energy work and reap loads of benefits.

I have gained so much from the course. Not only have I become more experienced in tapping but I have worked on quite a few limiting beliefs I had. My mantra now is “rise within your power” and achieve all that you possibly can. It really is life changing as long as you embrace change, are willing to look deep inside yourself and with Emma’s love, support and guidance “scratch the scab”off and embrace your own superhero.

I would absolutely recommend the course 100% without any hesitation 💜

Mandy Middleton, Oxford

It is my absolute belief that you are worth investing time and money in yourself to feel better.

Once you learn how to use Tapping in these areas you will be confident enough to use it for anything in your life and I will continue to support your learning for as long as you need it. The private Facebook group also provides a warm comforting supportive environment to explore things you have perhaps not felt comfortable sharing before now. You won’t believe the awesome sense of community in there – they really are a fab bunch!

With the introduction of 2 AMAZING new modules

Grab your place now by selecting which payment option you would prefer below. I’m really looking forward to working with you!